Friday, April 9, 2010

Catch of the Day - PDF Readers - 9 Apr 10

Today's catch netted a nice selection of alternative PDF readers

We've all seen these notices on numerous web sites that we MUST have Adobe® Reader® installed to view a PDF document. A convenient link to the Adobe® Reader® download site is usually included.
It's simply not true. There are several good (and in some respects, superior) free alternatives to Adobe® Reader®.

Here are a half dozen free alternatives that you can use to view PDF documents.

Comparing Free PDF Viewers

I've opened the same PDF document in each application.

Preview (Mac)

Note: Preview is included in the Mac OS X installation

Skim (Mac)

PDF-Xchange Viewer (Windows)

Sumatra (Windows)

Note: Sumatra is very slow to print.

FoxIt Reader (Windows, Linux)

Note: The installer version of Foxit Reader is bundled with potentially unwanted applications, and may make changes to your system without your approval. Thus, be attentive when installing Foxit Reader to be sure the program doesn't install unwanted software or make unwanted changes. Among the items that Foxit Reader asked to install were a Firefox plug-in, Ask as the default search engine and desktop, quick launch and Start Menu icons for eBay. Some of these features can be disabled during the setup process and are not present in the .zip version of the package.

Crocodoc (Web)

All of these options are much lighter and faster than Adobe® Reader®. Most will let you add notes and annotations to the document.


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Mrs. Tenkely said...

Preview and Crocodoc are my go-to pdf readers, I didn't know about Skim for the Mac. Headed there to check it out.

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