Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Featured: 6-26-2013 TryEngineering


TryEngineering is a resource for students, teachers, and parents about engineering and engineering careers.

It is hoped that TryEngineering will help young people better understand what engineering means, and lead them to consider an engineering career. Here students will find information on the different disciplines within engineering and descriptions of the lifestyles and experiences of engineers.

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TryEngineering provides:

  • Hands-on experiments and activities.
  • Referrals to summer programs and internship opportunities.
  • Tools to search for schools that offer engineering programs.
  • Tips on course selection, applying to colleges, and financial aid.

Parents and educators will find teaching resources, information about school accreditation, and other information that can be of help in planning and preparing students for a career in engineering.

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Teachers can download free standards-aligned lessons for students aged 8–18, aimed at introducing engineering concepts and allowing the application of engineering principles in the classroom.

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TryEngineering is a joint effort between IEEE, IBM and the New York Hall of Science.


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