Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How to Subscribe to the CFF/MV Blog Using Google Reader

(I have discovered that this works for almost every browser except IE7. I'll post directions for IE7 in another post)

1) First go to the CFF/MV blog site.

2) Then look for the RSS icon at the right end of the address bar.

3) Click on this icon to see the following ...

4) Be sure Google is selected from the drop-down box, then click [Subscribe Now].

Then you will be given a choice of whether to add this feed to your Google home page or to Google Reader.

5) Choose [Add to Google Reader].

If all has gone well, you will see the following ...

To get to Google Reader to read the RSS feeds you have subscribed to ...

Bookmark the page or add it to your Favorites.

The same procedure can be used to subscribe to any RSS feed. Just look for the little orange RSS icon in the address bar.

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