Monday, February 15, 2010

Catch of the Day - inkpop - 15 Feb 10

inkpop, a site for young writers, is today's fresh haul

inkpop is an online community that connects teen writers seeking to publish their work with talent-spotting readers and professional publishers.

inkpop Home Page

The inkpop social networking forum features aspiring young authors and the readers who provide the feedback. inkpop members play a vital part in deciding who is offered a publishing contract with HarperCollins.

inkpop Sample Page

“What does the community think?” inkpop takes a unique approach to identifying and developing teen talent. Young writers are invited to submit their books, short stories, essays, and poetry for the whole world to see. Then, inkpop members select and rank their favorite works and post their feedback and criticism.

Each month inkpop compiles a list of the top five projects, handing over the work for their Editorial Board to read. The Editorial Board, consisting of HarperCollins editors, provides the final critique in the review process.

inkpop Profile Page

Visit the inkpop blog for more information and writing advice and tips.


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Mrs. Tenkely said...

What a very neat idea! I must pass this on to our middle and high school teachers so that they can encourage our teen writers.

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