Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Catch of the Day - SweetSearch - 9/8/2010

SweetSearch is a search engine designed to be appropriate for students.


35,000 Web sites have been evaluated and approved by a staff of research experts, librarians, and teachers for SweetSearch. Search results are evaluated and polished continuously by increasing the ranking of websites from organizations such as the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian, PBS, and university websites.


SweetSearch makes it possible for students to find trustworthy information faster. Students can more readily determine the most relevant results from a list of credible resources. SweetSearch excludes marginal sites that seem tenable but lack academic rigor as well as spam sites.


By clicking the add-on button you can include SweetSearch in the list of search engines available in your browser's built-in search bar (Firefox, Chrome).

4900254_5f58_625x625.jpgThere are also SweetSearch and findingDulcinea widgets that can be embedded on your own blog, wiki, or website.


SweetSearch is just one of several products from Dulcinea Media whose goal is to help change the reality that most students cannot effectively conduct research on the Internet. Among their other products are SweetSearch4Me for elementary students and SweetSearch2Day, a daily curated start page for students. To learn more about all the Dulcinea Media products, click here.



Mrs. Tenkely said...

Sweet Search (and search engines like it) are so fantastic for the elementary school setting where we want to help focus the search a little and return results that we know will be quality. They don't always have the crap detector honed yet in the younger grades.

Mark Moran said...

Thomas, thank you for this terrific review of SweetSearch and our other products. The Internet and new technologies make this a very exciting time in education, rife with opportunities. We're thrilled to play a role in helping educators teach students how to use the Internet effectively.

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