Monday, October 4, 2010

Catch of the Day - mixedink - 10/4/2010

Mixedink for educators is a free, simple collaboration tool for student writers.


How mixedink works ...

  • Students are assigned to write together. In mixedink, they create their own versions, edit their teammates' work, and mash different versions together into new ones. As students edit and remix others' work, mixedInk gives credit to the original author.
  • Students comment on their classmates' work and rate the different texts to pick out the best written versions. Students rate each text anonymously, identifying the best presentation of ideas and use of language.
  • Discuss the top version as a class, together exploring the strengths and weaknesses of the favorite texts.


Mixedink allows students to write independently and simultaneously gives them the tools to draw and build upon their teammates' work. Students submit individual and collaborative texts throughout the process, unrestricted by earlier content. Authorship is automatically tracked and color-coded.


Mixedink is easy to set up, intuitive, customizable, and always available. The free version allows unlimited classes and student accounts. The paid Educator and Guru versions offer more features such as password protection, ad-free projects, and content export.


Watch a demo video of mixedink


1 comment:

Mrs. Tenkely said...

What a neat way to get students writing and collaborating together! I like that there is a free version with a lot of functionality!

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