Monday, December 13, 2010

Catch of the Day - PDFaid - 12/13/2010

PDFaid is a free service offering an assortment of applications that can be used to manipulate pdf files.


PDFaid's online tools let you make a number of useful changes to PDF files. Since these tools are all web-based, they do not require you to install any software on your computer. The interface is simple and intuitive.


PDFaid tools include …

  • PDF Watermark lets you watermark PDF files
  • Image to PDF enables you to select one or more images to save as a PDF file
  • HTML to PDF converts a web page or custom HTML to PDF format
  • PDF Joiner combines multiple PDFs into a single file
  • PDF Splitter extracts selected pages from a PDF file
  • PDF Rebrander finds links in a PDF file and lets you reassign them
  • Office to PDF/XPS changes .doc, .xls, and .ppt files to PDFs

Extract Images from PDF and Popup Inside PDF are additional tools promised for the near future.


Free, unregistered PDFaid users have a file size limit of 200 Kb, the limit for registered users is 400 Kb files, and subscribers can handle files up to 20 Mb.


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