Monday, April 14, 2014

Featured 4-14-2014: Quizdini

Quizdini allows you to create fast, customized, entertaining activities that will help your students learn more while having fun with bright colors and a playful feel.
Quizdini was created by teachers for teachers to be an alternative to the costly and restrictive choices that currently exist in the online educational game market. Quizdini is a still evolving tool designed to allow you to create the material your students will use.
Quizdini 1
The games are referred to as quizzes. There are two multiple-choice game types, Quizdini and Vocabulary, question and explanation boxes in the multiple-choice games support the use of HTML, and as such, support links to online content.
Quizdini 2
Another game lets students drag-and-drop matching tiles together, an activity nicely suited to interactive whiteboards.
Quizzes can be shared with colleagues or students by copying and sharing the game's unique URL from your browser's address bar.

 Go to the Quizdini YouTube channel
Quizdini doesn't advertise or store sensitive information on your students. They have committed to providing teachers with a simple easy-to-use, easy-to-control system that helps students.

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