Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Catch of the Day - B&N NOOKstudy - Jul 28, 2010

NOOKstudy is free eTextbook reader software coming from Barnes & Noble in August.


NOOKstudy keeps your eTextbooks and other class materials such as handouts and notes, organized and accessible right on your computer.

Multiple eTextbooks can be open simultaneously. With NOOKStudy, you can zoom in on full-color diagrams and pictures. Return automatically to the last page you were reading when you re-open an eTextbook.


What you can do with NOOKstudy ...

  • Organize your materials by course
  • Take notes directly in eTextbooks
  • Highlight, annotate, and tag content
  • Search the entire text of a book or your own notes.
  • Look up definitions or formulas using Google and
  • Access over half-a-million free eBooks

The B&N NOOKstudyis currently being used and tested at Penn State, University of Nevada, Queensborough Community College, and the Rochester Institute of Technology.

NOOKstudy runs on PCs and Macs. A B&N Nook eReader device is NOT needed.



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