Friday, August 13, 2010

Catch of the Day - B&N Desktop eReaders - 8/13/2010

The Barnes & Noble eReader desktop apps for PCs and Macs are excellent free eBook reading software.


With both you can shop for, purchase, and read eBooks in the .pdb format purchased from Barnes & Noble. You can also read any eBooks in the ePub format wherever you acquired them.

Add bookmarks, notes, and highlights to eTexts. Search the full text of books. LendMe™ Technology lets you share eBooks with others. Each version includes an onboard user's guide.



Though both the PC and Mac versions offer a pretty similar basic reading experience, the user interface and extended functionality of each differs dramatically from the other.

In the PC version ...

  • Support for touch screen computers and tablets running Windows 7
  • Read newspapers and magazines
  • Support for documents in PDF format
  • Add eBooks from your hard drive to your library for easy access



In the Mac version ...

  • Open eBooks from anywhere on your hard drive
  • Export notes
  • Customize virtually every aspect of the page display: fonts, colors, themes, line spacing, etc.
  • RSVP highlighted reading aid and Auto Scroll




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Mrs. Tenkely said...

Nice! This would be great for schools who don't have ereaders but are 1 to 1 with laptops or netbooks.

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