Monday, August 9, 2010

Catch of the Day - CriticalPast - 8/9/2010

At CriticalPast, you can freely view nearly 60,000 historic videos and 7 million photos in one of the Web's largest collections of royalty-free archival stock footage.


CriticalPast was created by a team of archival research, film, and Internet professionals, working together to build one of the largest privately held online sources of archival footage in the world.


The CriticalPast collection is compiled largely from US government sources. The media in the collection can be licensed without the clearance issues often experienced when using many stock footage sources.

Full-resolution video can be downloaded on demand in most formats in minutes. Still photos are available for download, or you may have prints delivered directly to you. The cost to download a JPEG still image is $2.97(US). Video clips in .m4v or .wmv formats can be downloaded for $3.97(US). Placing an order for videos or photos is simple and straight-forward.


You can browse the CriticalPast collection by decade and year, or it is easily searchable by keyword with advanced search features available.



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Mrs. Tenkely said...

What a great site! I haven't used this one before, I love how easy it is to search and the primary sources it makes available.

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