Thursday, November 11, 2010

Catch of the Day - The Poetry Foundation - 11/11/2010

The Poetry Foundation is a literary organization aimed at establishing a robust presence for poetry in our culture.


The Poetry Foundation strives to find the best poetry and make it available to largest possible audience.


Elevating poetry to a more visible position in modern culture is the goal of The Poetry Foundation, seeking to be a leader in developing new audiences and encouraging new kinds of poetry. The Poetry Foundation hopes to change the current perception of poetry and to make it directly relevant to the public.


The Poetry Foundation features resources such as …

  • The Poetry Tool - an amazing tool for finding new poetry
  • Around the Web - links to poetry sites
  • Gallery - images connected to poetry
  • Poetry Tours - unique downloadable audio tours in a poetry context
  • Learning Lab - developed for teachers and students of every age
  • Glossary Terms - searchable dictionary of poetry terms



The Poetry Foundation’sPOETRY iPhone app lets you take hundreds of poems by classic and contemporary poets with you wherever you go.


The Poetry Foundation was established in 2003, evolving from the Modern Poetry Association, which was founded in 1941. The Poetry Foundation is one of the largest literary foundations in the world.


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