Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Catch of the Day - Tox Town - 11/16/2010



With color, graphics, sounds, and animation, Tox Town adds interest to learning about the way chemicals, the environment, and public health are connected. Tox Town is aimed at middle-school and higher level students and teachers as well as the general public.


Tox Town visitors can find …

  • common locations where you might find toxic chemicals
  • non-technical descriptions of chemicals
  • links to authoritative chemical information
  • how human health is affected by the environment
  • resources on environmental health


Tox Town uses five imaginary neighborhoods to introduce environmental health concerns and toxic chemicals. In each neighborhood, visitors can click on a location or on one of over 30 chemicals. Tox Town describes the health concerns at the selected location and links to web resources for more information. Clicking on a chemical shows where it might be found in that neighborhood. There is a description for the chemical and links to information about how it might affect health.


The Tox Town Teacher Pages provide activities and resources that can be used to stimulate learning about environmental health issues. You will find classroom activities, interactive resources, career information, and more resources.

Launched in October 2002, Tox Town is a project of the Specialized Information Services Division of the National Library of Medicine and is a companion to the TOXNET collection of databases that are typically used by toxicologists and other health professionals.



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