Monday, May 2, 2011

Catch of the Day - NRICH Mathematics- 5/2/2011

NRICH is a group of teachers specializing in the use of RICH mathematical thinking. The NRICH project offers advice and support to both teachers and learners (ages 5-19) of mathematics.


The NRICH website contains a wealth of rich tasks and guidance. NRICH wants teachers to have a thorough understanding of what is meant by "rich tasks" and what that suggests about classroom practice.


NRICH provides mathematics teachers:

  • Free enrichment material that can help inspire and engage learners and embed RICH tasks into everyday practice.
  • On-line and face-to-face support at both Primary and Secondary levels to promote RICH thinking in classrooms.
  • Professional development courses and workshops in rich mathematics.
  • Help in thinking strategically about "next steps" and progression in problem solving.


There are free, interesting mathematical games, problems, and articles for mathematics learners. Students are encouraged to share their solutions to NRICH mathematical problems in a safe online space where they can meet others with similar interests.


Some of the resources available free on the NRICH website are curriculum mapping documents; articles, news, and research/journal items; professional development; and games.


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