Monday, May 23, 2011

Catch of the Day - - 5/23/2011

20110516-mj5rmpdyrn83wusrig3w9bmuw1.jpg is the educational website of Canada's National Arts Centre. Visitiors can learn about orchestral music, dance, English and French language theater, as well as explore archival collections.


The objectives of are to involve younger generations in information, multimedia resources, and activities relevant to the performing arts, and to provide free educational resources to students and teachers to help them in learning about the performing arts.

20110516-1sbcfxihcxfjkfgspq2aqd4nwe.jpg makes lots of tools available for teachers to bring the performing arts into the classroom.


  • Free teacher resource kits
  • Play-along recorder music for students
  • Interactive activities and games
  • Access the life and times of great composers for projects and research
  • The Instrument Lab lets you rotate 3D-images of instruments


  • Learn about the professions of acting, directing, design, and production
  • Watch interviews with theater professionals
  • Explore contemporary theater around the world
  • Research theater through history
  • Find theater reading lists


  • TheVirtual Dance Studio, an interactive choreography tool to create your own dance
  • Over 180 biographies of world-renowned dancers and choreographers
  • Advice from dance professionals on becoming an artist
  • Dance video clips and artist interviews

20110516-ttd44xnqiuwkh4qmuf2aqyr3h7.jpg is made possible through the support of the Department of Canadian Heritage through the Canadian Culture Online program and thanks to financial investment by the Virtual Museum of Canada.


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