Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Catch of The Day - Exploring Computational Thinking - 11/2/2011

Google Exploring Computational Thinking promotes computational thinking throughout the K-12 curriculum to support student learning of this important 21st century skill.


Computational thinking (CT) involves problem-solving skills and techniques often used by software engineers in creating the computer applications you commonly use. However, computational thinking is applicable to nearly any subject.

Specific computational thinking techniques include: problem decomposition, pattern recognition, pattern generalization to define abstractions or models, algorithm design, and data analysis and visualization.

Google Exploring Computational Thinking in collaboration with several teacher-contributors have put together classroom-ready lessons and examples showing how you can incorporate CT into the K-12 curriculum.


Starter materials and related teacher resources can help you begin building your own CT curriculum. Google Exploring Computational Thinking Discussion Forums provide the opportunity to join in CT-related discussions with other educators and to find more resources.


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