Thursday, November 17, 2011

Catch of The Day - This I Believe - 11/17/2011

This I Believe is a global organization with the purpose of engaging people in writing and sharing essays describing the core values that guide their daily lives.


About 100,000 essays by people from all walks of life are archived on the This I Believe website, They can also be heard on public radio and are featured in weekly podcasts. The popular 1950's radio series, This I Believe, which was hosted by Edward R. Murrow, serves as the basis of the project.


There are available resources designed to help teachers guide students in middle school, high school, and beyond in writing a This I Believe essay appropriate for inclusion in school writing portfolios. These materials, available for a small donation to This I Believe, can help students understand the concept of belief, explore their own values, and develop them into an essay.

Student essays are accepted at any time. They should be between 350 and 500 words, or about three minutes when read aloud. The best way to submit essays is through the online submission form.


You can download a free three-page brochure and an 11"x17" poster to promote This I Believe activities in your classroom.

Teachers around the world have used This I Believe as a powerful educational tool providing enriching writing assignments.


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