Thursday, January 26, 2012

COD - 1/26/2012 - FoxyUtils [Tools]


FoxyUtils provides a suite of simple and free tools that make it possible to perform several common PDF tasks no matter where you are and regardless of what software you may or may not have.

MergePDF enables you to combine multiple PDF documents into a single document. All you need to do is select the PDF documents on your computer that you want to merge together and click a single button.

SplitPDF enables you to break up PDF documents in just 3 simple steps. Select the PDF document on your computer that you want to split up, specify the desired page range, and click a button.

UnlockPDF unlocks many PDF files without needing a password. In some cases, however, a password is required. UnlockPDF is limited to files with PDF encryption as defined in the PDF standard. Files encrypted with DRM are not handled by UnlockPDF.

ProtectPDF adds password protection for restricting permissions, entirely protecting a PDF from any modifications, or even requiring a password to view the document.



See a video demonstration of MergePDF

All the FoxyUtils services are webapps, so there is no download or installation needed. You only need a web browser. FoxyUtils is intended for people who occasionally need to perform these kinds of functions and prefer not to install costly or complex desktop software on their computers.



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