Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Electric Slide Adds Keynote Support

Electric Slide is a free iOS app that lets you wirelessly deliver your presentation slides, documents, and videos with just your iPhone or iPad. In March, when Electric Slide was first introduced in EDge21, it was promised that Keynote support would be a forthcoming feature.

That, as well as several other new features, is now available. Upload a Keynote document just as you would a PowerPoint or document file - either from the Upload Page or on your device, or try the new File Inbox feature. New Keynote support includes animations and transitions just like PowerPoint support, but note that not all Keynote effects are supported for performance reasons.

Other new Electric Slide features:

  • Broadcast Zoom - Just pinch to zoom on your document or slides while presenting. Your audience (whether on the web or watching on a TV or projector) will see you zoom in real-time.
  • File Inbox - Send your presentations, documents and videos to your special email address attachments. ElectricSlide will process those files and add them to your account automatically.
  • Share Your Presentations on the Web - With the new web based content viewer you can instantly share a web friendly link to your document.



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