Monday, May 20, 2013

Featured: 5-20-2013 EdCanvas [Tools]


Drag-and-drop resources to create a dynamic EdCanvas that will help you effectively teach your lesson while increasing student engagement.

Edcanvas 1

EdCanvases are useful for organizing, presenting, and sharing online resources with your students and colleagues.

If you are implementing a flipped classroom, EdCanvas makes it possible to easily gather and annotate online resources, including rich multimedia, into lessons using just one link. EdCanvas is also a handy tool for Web quests, project-based learning, and class presentations.

Mix assessment with your content. Quickly create a quiz on any empty canvas tile by clicking “Add Quiz". They are instantly and automatically graded, providing you with a detailed and easy-to-use report.

Edcanvas 2

With an invitation from you, students can create canvases, too. Create a class for your students, then invite them by entering their email addresses. Your students will receive an invitation to sign up for Edcanvas. You will be able to see all the canvases they create.

 Watch the video: Edcanvas Basics

EdCanvas for Schools offers reports and data to improve learning, real-time collaboration for students and teachers, a parent portal, shared resources pool for teachers, Common Core-aligned content and canvases, unlimited file storage and uploads, and more.


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