Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Featured: 7-24-2013 Paperkit


With Paperkit you can easily generate the exact type of graph/grid paper that you need, on the spot for free.

Paperkit 1

The Paperkit toolbar allows you to fully customize the settings for your specific needs. You have control over:

  • Spacing between grid lines.
  • Margin size.
  • Stroke color and width.
  • Paper size.

There are five paper formats available: letter, legal, tabloid, A4, and A3. You can choose either inches or millimeters. A live preview will help you visualize your design.

Once you have completed the design of your paper, the paper will open in a new browser window and you can print the graph paper immediately or save it as a PDF.

Paperkit 2

Paperkit has the tools to make custom grid paper, dotted paper, and lined paper that you can print and use right away or save for later.


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