Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Featured: 7-23-2013 What's The Bid Idea?

What s the Big Idea

What's The Bid Idea?, another site from Tom Wartenberg, introduces middle school students to philosophy using film.

What s the Big Idea 1

The object of What's The Bid Idea? is to get students to learn how to have a civil philosophical discussion.

Such philosophical discussions among students are kindled by showing them film clips and asking them questions that are available on the website. You can add your own questions and/or use the optional follow-up activities.

What s the Big Idea 2

The issues presented include bullying, lying, friendship, peer pressure, and environmental ethics.

 Watch a video showing how to use What's The Bid Idea?

What's The Bid Idea? provides all the materials you will need to conduct philosophical discussions with your middle school age students.


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