Wednesday, October 16, 2013

EDge21 Favorite: Planboard

Planboard helps teachers simplify lesson planning with features like calendar sharing, schedule printing, coordinating lessons with your school schedule, and tracking standards alignment.

By allowing you to integrate and track Common Core and other standards,Planboard can help you ensure your students have the knowledge and skills they need to be successful.

Easily align Planboard with your school and classroom schedule. Select the number of periods and which days of the week you will be teaching. Planboardalso supports day rotation, from A/B days to alternating weeks, and more.

Planboard can save you time by removing some of the repetition from your lesson planning process. Create a template that follows your day rotation. Automatically replicate your plans from the previous year.

Collaboration with teachers anywhere helps you create the best lesson plans. You can also find publicly shared lesson plans by searching for keywords or the standard codes that they need to meet. 

 Watch the video: Introduction to Planboard

Planboard is completely free including all features and 500MB of storage. The Pro version of Planboard provides 3GB of storage and costs $29.95(USD) per year.


First posted 5-23-2013

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