Thursday, March 14, 2013

Featured: 3/14/2013 March Madness Math [Topical]

The March Madness website provides classroom lessons, resources, and tools that have been developed around the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

The March Madness website offers many ways to use the NCAA basketball tournament to inspire learning in your classroom.

Some of the March Madness activities:

  • In Figure the Winner students practice calculating percentage, average, mean, median, and mode.
  • Exploring Binary uses the NCAA brackets to explore binary trees in sports and math.
  • A March Madness webquest.
  • Who’s Number 1? is an activity in which students investigate the mathematics of ranking.
  • Check out the cities and schools that are part of the tournament using Google Earth.

March Madness Reading engages students in drawing conclusions from large amounts of information, using evidence to support opinions, and reading tables, graphs and charts.

The March Madness website also provides links to a number of related resources as well as several downloadable PDF files.

Note: As far as I can see, this site has no official connection with the National Collegiate Athletic Association.


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