Monday, March 25, 2013

Featured: 3/25/2013 Electric Slide [Presenting]

Electric Slide is a free iOS app that lets you wirelessly present your PowerPoint slides, documents, and videos with just your iPhone or iPad.

Show your PowerPoint files and other documents on any web browser, TV, or projector and control it using your device. Since viewers just need your simple Electric Slide URL to follow along, no complicated setup.

How Electric Slide works:

  1. Upload files either from your device or via the web

  2. Present to the meeting room TV or remote viewers - just provide your simple URL

  3. You can also plug directly into a TV or use AirPlay

Even without a live Internet connection, you can present to a TV, projector, Apple TV, or another iOS device.

Electric Slide preserves your PowerPoint transitions, builds, animations, fonts, and formatting, both on your iPhone or iPad as well as any web browser. Many other formats, including Word, PDF, and videos are also supported.

A free Electric Slide account includes:

  • 50 Mb storage

  • Up to 5 simultaneous live viewers

  • Videos up to 60 seconds in length

  • Meeting length limited to 90 minutes

  • Doesn't expire

Watch a video introduction to Electric Slide

Oddly, Electric Slide does not currently support Keynote presentations. However, I am told this feature is in development. Electric Slide is free from the iTunes App Store.


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