Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Featured: 3/19/2013 GetEdFunding [Funding]

GetEdFunding is a free grant finding resource to help public and private preK–12 schools, districts, educators, higher education institutions, and nonprofit organizations that work with them, locate and secure the funding they need.

The mission of the GetEdFunding website is to help close the equity gap in educating students from all backgrounds and circumstances by helping educators and institutions acquire the funds they need to supplement tight budgets.

GetEdFunding has currently collected more than 1,000 grants and opportunities from federal, state, regional, and community sources. GetEdFunding is monitored, updated, and expanded daily.

You can search GetEdFunding by six criteria, including 41 areas of focus, 8 content areas, and themes and skills that support your curriculum. Once you are registered, you can save the grants of greatest interest, then return to read about them at any time.

GetEdFunding is sponsored by CDW-G and created by educational professionals for educational professionals. It’s meant to be an easy-to-use, relevant, and reliable database that will be used again and again. Former and active preK through 12 teachers, higher level educators, and experienced educational publishing writers have been involved in every stage of development of this database.


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