Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Rearview Mirror 3/2/2013

For those of you who may have missed an EDge21 featured post or who didn't have the opportunity to look at some of them during this past week, here's a second chance.


JumpRope is a tool designed to help teachers, schools, and districts move from traditional grades towards standards-based assessment.


YourTeacher is a leading digital publisher specializing in middle school, high school, and college-level math. YourTeacher's subscription website and their extensive line of math videos, have provided hundreds of thousands of students with math tutoring, standardized test prep, and homeschooling.


Common Curriculum is meant to streamline the lesson planning process so you can stop wasting time and go teach. Common Curriculum makes it easy to build, organize, and share your lesson plans.


KnoAdvance is an interactive learning platform for publishers. Advance makes it possible to transform a print title into an eBook instantly, literally at no cost to the publisher or author.

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