Monday, March 4, 2013

Featured: 3/4/2013 CTE Online [CTE]

CTE Online is an online source for Career and Technical Education model curriculum, resources, tools, and community.

CTE Online was established to help CTE educators express a clear and purposeful relationship between academic achievement and Career and Technical Education through access to:

  • Professional curriculum development tools.
  • Professional alignment and instructional strategies resources.
  • Standards databases.

CTE Online is designed to bring CTE educators and leaders quality professional development tools that help "establish the role rigorous academic skills play in pursuit of industry and career related coursework."

Here you can find the tools necessary to help teachers identify and align career and technical curricula with the academic skills commonly measured on state assessments. CTE Online allows skilled  CTE educators to share the work they are doing to equally support both current academic challenges and future career interests.

Nearly 1500 teachers a day access and use CTE Online as part of their professional experience with thousands of lesson plans containing ready-to-use classroom materials, videos, resources, and activities.

CTE Online was developed by the Butte County Office of Education's Center for the Advancement of Digital Resources in Education under contract with the California Department of Education.


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