Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Featured: 3/20/2013 Scrible-Student Edition [Annotation]

Scrible is a free web tool to mark up web pages in your browser, manage them, and collaborate on online. It was first mentioned on EDge21in 2011.

You use Scrible by adding the bookmarklet to your browser, then using the tools to annotate web pages with highlighting, notes, and more. You can then share, organize, and search these annotated pages  from your online libraries.

The Student Edition of Scrible is a free upgrade for students (with a .edu email address) that adds these features:

  • Citations and Bibliographies-Capture citations in a snap and create bibliographies with a single click.
  • Summaries and Reports-Compile your annotations from multiple articles into a simple summary or robust report.
  • More Space-Use 250 MB of space to save your articles. Invite others to earn even more storage.
  • Shareable Libraries-Collaborate with others by inviting them to group, topic, or project specific libraries.

The Student Edition of Scrible includes the ability to maintain multiple, separate libraries and makes them easier to share. You can now keep topics of interest separated, with each library keeping  saved pages and tags specific to a topic.

The Student Edition of Scrible also provides the ability to share entire libraries instead of only individual pages. A teacher can now collect material on a topic, and share the entire library with students through one action instead of sharing multiple links.


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