Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Featured: 3/13/2013 Math Champ [Math]

Math Champ, a popular classroom game for the iPhone and iPad, is now available for free. This innovative quiz game for iPhone and iPad is designed for grades 4 to 7 (aged 9 to 12).

With the Math Champ app, each player competes to become the class "Math Champ". Any student with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch can compete head to head in a real time quiz delivered by a teacher’s iPad (the Math Champ host).

Teachers can also access valuable student metrics in the class list area, and the host will keep a record of results for all players for every quiz they complete.

Before play starts, the teacher can easily select the appropriate grade and the difficulty level and the Math Champ host app will do the rest of the work - a unique quiz is generated on the fly from from thousands of available questions based on Common Core standards. As students play, the leaderboard can be streamed to an interactive whiteboard or Apple TV to display the current top ranking players.

Watch a video: How to use Math Champ in your classroom

The user interface is designed to work on both iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch and features a work area that is completely intuitive. Math Champ is designed to use Bluetooth or wi-fi networks. Bluetooth can be a valuable fall back for classrooms that don’t have reliable wi-fi connections. Up to 15 students can play using Bluetooth and 20 to 25 can play using wi-fi.

Math Champ is a product of InKids. The host and client apps are both available free from the iTunes App Store: Host | Client


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