Thursday, March 7, 2013

Featured: 3/7/2013 Math for America [Math]

Math for America is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve mathematics and science education in US public secondary schools by building a contingent of highly qualified STEM teachers and leaders.

Math for America teachers try to be models for other teachers. In this way, members of the corps hope not only to change the lives of their students, but also change the teaching profession itself.

Math for America rewards and supports new and experienced teachers and school leaders through fellowship programs based on three key principles:

  • To teach math and science effectively, one needs a strong knowledge of their subject area, solid pedagogical skills, and a desire and ability to interact with young people.
  • Generous incentives make it possible to recruit mathematically qualified individuals into teaching and to retain outstanding STEM teachers.
  • By providing strong support services, including continuing education, mentoring and professional development, it is possible to inspire a commitment to a long-term career as a mathematics or science teacher.

Watch a video: Math for America 30 Second Spot

Math for America was founded in New York City in 2004. Now with nearly 600 corps members across its programs, it also operates in Berkeley, Boston, Los Angeles, San Diego, Utah, and Washington, DC.


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