Saturday, December 21, 2013

Rearview Mirror 12-21-2013

For those of you who may have missed an EDge21 featured post or who didn't have the opportunity to look at some of them during this past week, here's a second chance.


EDge21: Rearview Mirror



Office 365 Education provides a school staff, faculty, and students free email, websites, online document editing and storage, IM, and web conferencing.


Facilitating learning about the important roles of young people throughout history is the objective of Children and Youth in History.


Use Metta to create learning stories, documentaries, summaries, and compilations from videos, pictures, text, and sounds that are already on the web or upload your own material.


With Class Charts you get data-rich seating charts and streamlined behavior management tools. It is even possible to collaborate with other teachers and work together to address behavior issues.


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