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Special: 12-7-2013 Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

Mandela Education

The inspirational story of one of the great leaders of our time, Nelson Mandela, is told in the film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.

The film provides educators with an important opportunity to help their students understand the story of this influential man. The classroom lessons that accompany the film examine this period in South African history, as well as providing an opportunity to explore current issues for Africa, America, and much of the world.

Some of the key themes explored include:

  • The influence of cultural heritage
  • The impact of apartheid and its relationship to racial segregation in America
  • The paradox of the “liberator” versus the “traitor”
  • The difficulty associated with change and transition
  • The role of international media coverage and sanctions in the fall of apartheid
  • Leadership and the role of the individual to make change

Mandela Education 2

The main lessons are designed to be conducted in one to three class periods. The lessons contain clips from the film, as well as other exclusive primary sources, such as original audio clips, photographs, and documents. In addition, the lesson package also contains several shorter lessons that reflect the themes of the main lessons. There is also a film viewer’s guide of discussion questions for groups only viewing the film.

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All Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom lessons align to current standard assessment models, including those of the National Council for the Social Studies standards and incorporate many Common Core skill areas, such as reading informational text, writing with purpose, speaking and listening.

Mandela Education 1


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