Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Featured: 1-8-2014 Big History on H2

Big History

The Big History series on H2* poses questions and mixes history and science to change the way people view history.

Big History 2
Big History takes familiar topics and, by weaving science into the core of history, examines them in new ways that will have you rethinking everything you thought you knew.
Big History 3
The series creates an interconnected view of things that links history to multiple fields such as astronomy, biology, chemistry, and geology.  The first season ends with a two-hour finale that pulls everything we know about science and history into one grand narrative.

New episodes of Big History run Saturdays at 10 pm EST (11 pm PST) on H2.

Big History 1

*H2 is a digital cable and satellite television network featuring historical and popular science documentaries as well as pseudo-scientific entertainment programs and is a sister network of History Channel. 

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