Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Featured: 2-19-2014 Timerime


TimeRime is a web application that allows users to create, view, and compare interactive timelines.
TimeRime timelines can be interactive and multimedia, incorporating text, music, YouTube movies, Google Maps, and so on.
TimeRime 1
The TimeRime online community allows people from all around the world to view, create, and compare timelines about anything that relates to time. For instance a timeline about a scientific development, or an historical event.
TimeRime 2
Visitors to the website can register for a free account allowing them to create timelines. Timerime Edu Standard offers the following additional features for an annual fee of €149 (about $200 US):
  • Your own TimeRime environment with restricted access.
  • Access for all students and teachers in your school.
  • Unlimited number of timelines.
  • No advertisements.
  • Teachers have admin rights that allow them to view, edit or delete timelines of students, and to grant and deny access to students.
  • Timelines can be saved as pdf.
  • Smartboard compatibility.

 Watch a screencast showing how to use Timerime
Timerime is available in English, Dutch, and Spanish. Flash is required.

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