Thursday, May 15, 2014

Featured 5-15-2014: My Science Box

Science Box
Offering science teachers free access to the best hands-on, classroom-tested, lessons is the pursuit of MyScienceBox.

Curriculum Boxes
The My Science Box teaching boxes provide everything you need to teach a 4-6 week middle school science unit: lesson plans, assessments, field trip planning materials, resources, and tips.
Over three months of lessons include classroom activities, labs and projects, field trips and outdoor activities, computer activities, and more. The 'printer friendly version' button at the bottom of any page generates a printable version of any lesson plan or even a complete teaching box. 
Registered users can post comments for other teachers to view or leave feedback.
Irene Salter developed and tested the MyScienceBox curriculum units in her own middle school classroom. Included are teaching boxes and individual lessons created by other teachers.

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