Monday, May 12, 2014

Featured 5-12-2014: EverySlide

EverySlide involves students by making it possible to integrate open-ended questions and polls in the same slides you are already using.

EverySlide 1
free EverySlide educator license can make your classroom more interactive:
  • Re-use existing slides
  • More engaged students
  • Know what students are thinking
  • Generate class reports
  • Instant polls and word clouds
  • Students use their own devices
Upload a presentation created in PowerPoint or Keynote to EverySlide and press ‘present'. A unique registration link will be generated that your class can use to join your slideshow using any device they happen to have.
EverySlide 2
Ask a question or run an instant poll. After the presentation, you can review students’ interactions online or download their details and answers as a spreadsheet. You can leave a copy of your slides on participants’ devices.

 Watch an overview of EverySlide

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