Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Featured 6-3-2014: FlipQuiz

Create gameshow-type boards for use in the classroom quickly and easily with FlipQuiz™. 
Great for use with an interactive whiteboard, FlipQuiz displays your questions on-screen and boards can be saved for later use. Well-designed boards can help keep students interested and engaged.
FlipQuiz 2
Begin by signing up for a free FlipQuiz account, and you’ll immediately be ready to start creating your own game boards. An easy-to-use creation page and editor provide all the tools you need to set up all of your game boards. Presentation mode lets you easily display quiz boards on-screen in your classroom. Boards can be saved in your account for future use.
As well as adding questions to each of your game boards, you can also add the answers if you wish, allowing you to walk about the classroom hosting the game virtually hands-free. This feature also means you can give give students a link to quiz themselves at home.

 Try a demo of FlipQuiz
FlipQuiz Pro account adds team scoring while playing, up to 10 teams can play at once, use images in your boards, custom points, and more.

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