Monday, June 30, 2014

Featured 6-30-2014: The Pericles Group

The Pericles Group provides game-based learning solutions for students, teachers, and administrators in a wide range of situations and a variety of disciplines.
The Pericles Group offers ‘practomimetic' courses that blend stories and game play providing students the opportunity to explore learning as a narrative and as a game.
The attitudes and behaviors of students learning in the practomimetic courses change along with their level of knowledge. They can become active learners, metaphorically engaged in making the world a better place.
The Pericles Group partners with teachers to develop and deliver materials for game-based courses and curricula that capitalize on the opportunities of teaching as a digitally-enhanced practice. Although the practomimes don’t look like traditional video games, the play is similar and they teach more. Practomimetic courses can teach students to "play the curriculum," reaching the learning objectives and mastering the skills and content the practomime is designed to support.
Students might play as scientists, recruited by a shadowy multinational corporation, investigating phenomena out of science fiction and fantasy. Latin students could play as operatives on a mission to find a lost inscription that can only be deciphered if they are able to read Latin. 
Currently developed products of The Pericles Group include:
  • Operation LAPIS is a two-year introductory curriculum in Roman civilization and the Latin language
  • Operation BIOME is a full-year game-based (practomimetic) course in biology.
  • Operation CAESAR is an advanced Latin course aligned with the new Latin AP standards.
  • CARD-tamen is a stand-alone card game where players construct a persuasive argument about the subject matter in relation to a controversial topic.
TPG 1 
The Pericles Group offers a series of professional development seminars that demonstrate the potential of practomimetic courses. These seminars can be customized to the needs of each school district.

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