Thursday, April 22, 2010

Catch of the Day - TeacherHUB - 22 Apr 10 came up in our nets today

TeachHUB is an online community for teachers to share their thoughts, advice, resources, recommendations, photos, lessons, and more.

TeachHUB Home Page

TeachHUB trys to lighten the trials and stresses facing today’s teachers by cutting through the mass of resources available to them to provide a one-stop shop for useful, affordable, or free information and assistance available.

Teachers share favorite websites with and recommend products that work in the classroom to fellow teachers in the Teacher Recommendations section of TeachHUB

Teacher Recommendations Page

In the Pop Culture Lesson Plans area you'll find activities inspired by current news and today's pop culture. These lessons are available for K-12 in core subjects and are aligned to standards.

Pop Culture Lesson Plans Page

Other TeachHUB sections include …
  • K-12 education news
  • Professional development
  • Tips and contests
  • Discussions and blogs
  • The TeachHUB store is the educators' online resource center provided by the K-12 Teachers Alliance.



TeachHUB said...

Thomas, thanks for the shoutout!
I love your blog too :)

We're always looking for new insight and recommendations from teachers, so we appreciate you getting the word out to help TeachHUB's resources get better and better!

Mrs. Tenkely said...

Popular culture lesson plans are always appreciated by students. This helps teachers stay up with popular culture and offers great ideas.

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