Thursday, May 20, 2010

Catch of the Day - Mapwing - May 20, 2010

Mapwing is a web tool that lets users build, share, and explore virtual tours for free.


With Mapwing you can use your digital photos to create virtual tours that include interactive maps, images, and comments.

Your virtual tours can be shared with students, colleagues, friends, or the entire world.


The Mapwing basic service lets you build an unlimited number of virtual tours for free. Basic Mapwing virtual tours can include up to 20 points per tour, an interactive map, and a comment area. You can link to your virtual tours and chat with other Mapwing users.

Mapwing Pro gives you additional features to build the highest quality virtual tours: 50 location points, no advertisements, customizable tour pages, download tours, and customer support. The cost of Mapwing Pro is $15 (US) a tour ($195 for unlimited tours)

Harrisburg University

At Mapwing you can browse a gallery of virtual tours from around the globe and connect with a growing network of users.


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Emily Starr, CEO said...

Outside of education, this would even be an interesting "scrapbook" keepsake of a trip and a fun way to share your adventure with others.

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