Wednesday, December 14, 2011

COD - 12/14/2011 - ClassParrot [Communication]

ClassParrot is a simple tool that makes it possible for teachers to reach their students in the same way their friends do. It allows teachers to exchange text messages with students and parents without disclosing anyone's phone numbers.


You add your class to ClassParrot, which then generates a unique code and phone number. Then share that code with your students and/or their parents. Students and parents must send a text message to that phone number to 'signup' for notifications for that class.

Teachers, students, and parents never see each other’s phone numbers. Replying to a text message with the word "stop" unsubscribes the student/parent from the class notifications.


The first 500 messages are free. Every month ClassParrot adds another 200 free credits to your account. You can also get 200 credits for each person you invite who starts using ClassParrot. If you need unlimited credits, there are paid plans for individual teachers or for entire schools.

Note: ClassParrot is currently available only in the US and Canada.


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