Monday, December 5, 2011

COD - 12/5/2011 - The Math Open Reference Project [Math]

The Math Open Reference Project is a web-based interactive math textbook with the goal of providing high-quality content free of charge with numerous benefits over paper textbooks.


The Math Open Reference Project uses interactive tools and animations to deliver an engaging way to learn and explore math. Teachers can discover new ways to teach students in a manner that is more engaging and can be fun.


The interactive and animated illustrations supply teachers with a library of "digital manipulatives" that can be used to elucidate concepts. Students can use the same manipulatives outside the classroom, facilitating better visualization and understanding of complex ideas.

Other features of The Math Open Reference Project:

  • The URL of every page will never change.
  • Printing anything for non-commercial use is allowed.
  • Many problems and activities, with and without answers, are available.

In addition to meeting the NCTM standards for content, this reference work also can be modified to comply with the standards of any state if need be.


The Math Open Reference Project will work with all popular browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. The interactive illustrations use Java and/or Flash, so they likely will not work properly on iOS devices.


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