Wednesday, December 7, 2011

COD - 12/7/2011 - [Math] is a website offering free animations that provide short, sharp, visual explanations of mathematical concepts.

20111129-x68xhit3b5w73se166j2j2nri9.png is intended mainly for teachers of students ages 11-14 to use in the classroom. The math animations are ideal for use with an interactive whiteboard or projector. You can use the animations to help illustrate a concept or process for your class. Some of the animations even have optional step-by-step explanations. The option to view animations in full screen has just been added.


Students interested in strengthening or reviewing their understanding of math concepts can also find useful. The site is totally free for everyone to use.

20111129-rnmw4as87ffcfhrycrtiube1jn.png is the idea of Tal Greengard, an experienced mathematics teacher at one of Sydney’s top selective schools, who has an ongoing interest in animation and software development.

Note: is a Flash-based site.



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