Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Featured: 2/27/2013 Common Curriculum [Planning]

Common Curriculum is meant to streamline the lesson planning process so you can stop wasting time and go teach. Common Curriculum makes it easy to build, organize, and share your lesson plans.

View your lessons for the entire week at a glance, and plan with Common Curriculum in the context of the unit and week. Teachers are able to customize templates to suit their lesson plans. Changes to templates affect your entire course

Rearrange the sections of your lesson using a clean drag-and-drop interface. Add activities with the click of a button. Upload student materials to any section of your lesson.

Common Curriculum will automatically generate class websites from your lessons, keeping students and parents informed about homework, tests, and projects. Any sections of your lessons you mark public are published to your own class website.

Watch the video: Common Curriculum -- Plan the way you teach

Be better organized with all your courses in one place. Any lesson created and stored on Common Curriculum can be printed with the click of a button.


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