Thursday, February 28, 2013

Featured: 2/28/2013 Kno Advance [eBooks]

Kno Advance is an interactive learning platform for publishers. Advance makes it possible to transform a print title into an eBook instantly, literally at no cost to the publisher or author.

The goal of Kno is to make learning more engaging for students. The Advance platform was created to provide publishers with easy-to-use, powerful tools to make their content and assessments interactive.

The components of Kno Advance:

  • Kno Ingest - Bring titles to market within days, content will be available on the Web, iPad, Android, Windows 7 and Windows 8 devices.
  • Book Enhancer - Easily add interactive elements like, video, audio, websites, calculators or simulations to the book.
  • Kno Assessment - Author questions and assessments or import questions from their current systems. Kno supports multiple types of questions.

Watch the video: Advance; an interactive learning platform for publishers

Kno is a reader for digital textbooks first mentioned here last August. With numerous features to facilitate reading, studying, notetaking, and organization, Kno can do everything a physical textbook can do and more.

More than 80 publishers have contributed to Kno's digital library of over 200,000 titles. It is the largest collection of digital titles on the market.


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