Monday, November 11, 2013

Featured: 11-11-2013 ExitTicket

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ExitTicket is a student response system made by teachers for teachers to provide a real-time personalized learning experience for every student.
ExitTicket 2
ExitTicket provides an immediate check for student understanding. Results are calculated in real-time for immediate feedback. Teachers can get specific student-by-student data while students are responding allowing for immediate intervention.

A teacher dashboard provides overall class performance data, highest and lowest performers, and analytics so that teachers can better meet specific student needs with targeted instruction. A detailed Reteach page helps quickly identify common mistakes and gives students the opportunity to understand concepts in more depth.
Other instructional strategy features:
  • Encourages students to participate through web-enabled technology
  • Increases engagement of students in discussions of right and wrong answers
  • Gives students their own individual log-in with performance statistics over time to increase engagement and a growth mindset
  • Allows sharing of questions between teachers and between schools, saving time and increasing data-driven collaboration
  • An iPad-optimized Teacher View that populates real-time with rich data about individual student responses and the highest and lowest performers
Quick Start Guide 2
ExitTicket provides each student with immediate and personalized performance feedback, backed by real-time analytics as might be found in familiar video games.

ExitTicket is Common Core State Standard-compatible to integrate seamlessly with formative assessments that you already use in class.

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