Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Featured: 11-13-2013 iResponse

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The iResponse Classroom Responder System is a classroom response and assessment distribution system that functions on iOS devices.

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iResponse enables teachers to transform every class into an interactive learning environment. Student comprehension can be monitored through the Utility program, creating a differentiated educational environment where individual student progress can be measured and pace adjusted.

The iResponse Classroom Responder System has two components, the iResponse app for iOS and the iResponse Utility.

Students using their iOS device during class, log-in to a session to receive and respond to questions, or tests. Students can also view individual and class results if the teacher enables this function.

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The Utility is where teachers create and push content to student devices. Questions and tests can be created and saved ahead of time and retrieved during class, or created on the fly during a class session. View who is connected to the system, who has responded to the question, and what response was given. Both class and individual statistics can be displayed and tracked through the Utility.

 Watch the iResponse Pro tutorial

The Standard iResponse version allows for in-class question and answer sessions and instant feedback over a stand-alone network router or wireless Internet connection. The Pro version adds the ability to distribute and receive in-class and take-home tests, as well as functions to export, save and print student and class statistics.


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