Thursday, November 7, 2013

Featured: 11-7-2013 Chalkbeat

Chalkbeat 2

Journalists who believe that "an independent local press is vital to ensuring that education improves," created the nonprofit news organization Chalkbeat.

Chalkbeat reporters are currently working in four bureaus across the country, New York, Colorado, Tennessee, and Indiana. Plans are to add others as funding becomes available.

Chalkbeat reporters, tell the story every day of educational change, focusing on the low-income communities that have the most at stake. It is Chalkbeat's policy to not take a position on the complex changes happening in education. They strive to faithfully report on events as they happen, both the good and the bad.

October 2013 Chalkbeat 2

Chalkbeat doesn’t publish a print edition, and as a nonprofit, their business model is an unconventional blend of philanthropic donations and revenue generated from sponsorships and their jobs board.

Chalkbeat stories appears on their own websites, as well as on Twitter, Facebook, and the news sites of our partners in the press.


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