Thursday, July 10, 2014

Featured 7-10-2014: MIT+K12 Videos

MIT+K12 Videos about STEM topics are made for students by students.
Current MIT students are invited and trained to write and host webisodes for kids about their favorite science, technology, engineering, and math topics, seeking to entertain and engage as well as to educate.
The mission of MIT+K12 Videos is to "use MIT's unique resources to inspire the inner scientist in all learners. We believe everyone can have wonder for our world - so we create fresh and authentic video content that entertains and engages just as much as it educates."
These videos strive to show science in a different light from what you might find in a textbook while making the assets that are distinct to MIT accessible to a global audience.

MIT+K12 Videos are hosted by MIT students who possess a diverse set of interests, personalities, and backgrounds and are relatable and fun. By training these students to become engaging advocates for science and producing these videos, the hope is to foster an enthusiastic and curious global community of learners and educators.

 Visit the MIT+K12 YouTube channel
The MIT+K12 Videos are free and accessible to anyone in the world.

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